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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting our show page! I am Jasmin, and, well … I guess I’ll start with the beginning.

It’s 2018 and I had just quit my job at a big 5 Hollywood studio. It had sucked my soul and drained me every day and left me with no energy or motivation to do what I came to this crazy town for in the first place!

Needless to say, they hired two people to replace me and I went back to the drawing board. I quickly found a minimum wage  job that immediately felt familiar, easy and fun! QUESTROOM! Surely - this would be a great new start, where I’d sit back and just, "minimum wage-minimum effort." Right?

I quickly felt at home- the rooms and the company provided a great product which I felt proud of, and the quirky bunch of people I worked with made every day fun. But the chaos… My inherent controlling and bossypants self just could not help myself, and I had to take charge. The bossman, Ivan, pushed me to accept more responsibility, (first it was to clean the toilet every day for a dollar more an hour - great deal), and then later to become the location manager. Then eventually I became the General manager and opened our third location in the South Bay. Together myself, Ivan, and the amazing Game masters we worked with grew the company and always worked hard to provide excellent immersive experiences.

I wrote the Questroom pilot knowing Ivan would be generous enough to let me shoot at the location, I forced the employees to be in it, begged friends for favors, and spent 12k of my hard earned money to create this thing (It took cleaning a loooot of toilets).

We shot the pilot over 4 nights during Halloween weekend. Being that it is our busiest season, the actors and I not only worked 8 hour shifts in Halloween costumes running games for customers, we also stayed up all night until the location opened again shooting this beast.

What I didn’t know was how much it would mean to people - which I saw a year later, during the screenings of the pilot. It’s a love letter to Questroom really. But it’s also a love letter to the people you are in the trenches with in minimum wage jobs, to escape rooms, to communities of outsiders - and how magical it is when they find a place they belong.

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Thank you to everyone who has watched the pilot and given great support and feedback. We are excited that YOU are excited, and we want to keep going! We want to shoot another episode, and further promote the show.

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